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Museum and Gallery Reviews:

"Once you have seen this exhibition, you will never again regard hats as ordinary. This headwear pays tribute to human ingenuity and creativity. The rich fabrics, bright colors, profusion of shapes and elaborate decoration provide a window on the history, customs, values and beliefs of cultural traditions around the world."
                              The Haggin Museum - Stockton, CA

"We wanted to let you know that we were delighted with the reaction from our patrons to the Hats and Headdresses from Around the World exhibition.  We had a large number of local schools that booked tours to see the beautiful array of hats as well as several area groups which also expressed delight in the exhibition. Thank you for sharing your collection with our community."
                              Muscatine Art Center - Muscatine IA

"Crown Center wishes to thank you for so generously loaning your collection to our “Even More Things People Collect” exhibit. The exhibit was a great success, attracting 53,000 visitors to our complex."
                               The Crown Center - Kansas City, MO

"What an excellent presentation you gave for our Hat program. Thank you also for bringing all your visual aids.  They really added to the interest of the presentation, along with your own personal stories of traveling. You were so much fun to talk with and everyone enjoyed the program. Thank you very much."
                               Portsmouth Museum - Portsmouth, VA

"The Harley School was fortunate to host an exhibit of nearly 100 of Stacey Miller's hats and headdresses from around the world. Besides having the marvelous exhibit in the school's gallery space for the entire school community to see, Stacey also spent several days talking with groups of students from first grade through twelfth, telling stories of her collection, the significance, how the various hats and headdresses were used, their country of origin, and tales of her own travels. The kids loved it! Stacey's wonderful exhibit provided the school the opportunity to explore differences and similarities among and between cultures, and learn more about the varieties of people, places and customs around the world. We were delighted to have part of Stacey's collection on display here at the school."
                               The Harley School - Pittsford, NY

Hat Presentations:

"Thank you again for your fantastic presentation Hats and Headdresses from Around the World. We all learned so much! You were a very informative guest speaker. Thank you also for bringing all the visual aids. They made it super real. It was a lot of work for you. A big success and a great turnout of members."
                               International Friends Club - Board of Directors

"This was definitely one of the best programs we’ve had. It was entertaining and educational and everyone loved it. You’re a marvelous speaker and so knowledgeable about all the hats and cultures they come from."
                              The Woman’s Club - Upper Montclair, NJ

"All of us are so appreciative of you and of the really outstanding Hat Show which you presented. We were all enchanted with both the lines and the beautiful coloration of all the head coverings –and with the charm of the presentation.  Do come back soon."
                               Heritage Place - Fayetteville, NC

"Thank you very much for coming to share your wonderful hats. You have had rave reviews …and everyone has been commenting on how interesting and informative your presentation was. We look forward to having you back."
                              Parkwood Heights - Rochester, NY

"Everyone absolutely adored it.  It was the best program we’ve ever brought in."
                              Haddonfield House - Haddonfield, NJ

"Many thanks for presenting "Country, Community and Culture." So many members of the audience were expecting the Easter variety of hats with perhaps a derby thrown in, but they were absolutely captivated by your collection. The range of culture, geography and tradition gave us much to think about and each headdress was a marvel to behold."
                              Senior Center - Madison, NJ

"It was really a treat to have you share your hats at the event. We were all thrilled to experience the joy, spirit and beauty of your collection. They opened our eyes to different cultures and transported us to other places. We thought for a time about what it would be like to wear that hat and live that life. Thanks for the memories."
                              Kelly (Children's program)