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1. These objects, which may be used to decorate hats, were once used as a form of currency in Africa and China.

Cowrie Shells
Bottle Caps
Ostrich Eggshells

2. The expression “a mad hatter” originally got its name from…

A character in Alice in Wonderland
Men who got mad when their hats blew off their heads
A nervous disorder caused by mercury that was used in the manufacturing of hats
A riot that broke out when hat makers went on strike for better working conditions

3. A baseball hat might be worn to….

Keep the sun off ones face
Advertise a place, product or personal affiliation
Hide a bald spot
All of the above

4. In which country was it once against the law for a man to wear a fez?


5. A traditional chef’s hat has one hundred pleats in recognition of…

The hundredth meal he has prepared since becoming a master chef
The number of pleats needed to make the tall hat stand upright
The number of ways a chef can prepare an egg
The number of different sauces she has created

6. The primary function of a kaffiyeh is…

As a ground cover when picnicking in the desert
To identify which village a Bedouin nomad lives in
To blindfold ones camel when entering a crowded souk (marketplace)
To protect ones face from the sun and sand in the desert

7. Chinese children’s hats traditionally were embroidered with faces on them in order to…

Make it easier for children to tell which hats were theirs
Scare away evil spirits thought to be responsible for the high rate of child mortality
Keep children warm by adding layers of fabric and quilting
Enable parents to recognize their child in a large crowd

8. Men of which religious faith wear a simple head covering when entering a place of worship?

Judaism and Islam

9. Feathers in a headdress indicate that the wearer has performed an act of courage and respect in which tribe(s)?

Plains Indians ( USA)
Naga Tribe ( India)
Dayak Tribe ( Malaysia)
All of the above

10. Which material is not commonly used to create a hat?

Banana tree leaves
Sheep hair