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Exhibits are available for museums as well as smaller venues in galleries, schools and libraries. With a variety of styles, designs and materials used to create them, the hats are visually captivating and exemplify human ingenuity and creativity. A display opens up other worlds and endless educational opportunities too.

For more information, visit the following pages:
Museum Tour, Hat Happenings, and Media

To inquire about Museum Exhibitions, please Contact Us for detailed information regarding exhibit contents and availability, space requirements, crating, transportation and pricing.


Educational programs are available for students of all ages. Presentations and workshops can be incorporated into classroom curriculum and designed to support learning objectives. The versatility of the hats makes them a wonderful tool for discussing cultural diversity and an enhancement for geography, social studies, art and language classes.

Offering enrichment programs and workshops in elementary, middle and high schools. More...


Presentations are available for audiences of all ages. The programs are entertaining and educational.
The hats are visually stimulating and a fun way of learning something new. The hats and headdresses provide insight into a country and its people and their beliefs, rituals, religions and values. More...


Increase cultural awareness in the community by exploring differences and similarities across cultures. Exhibits, presentations and fun family events are educational and entertaining.

Clients Include:
Memorial Art Gallery - Asian Pacific Heritage Family Day
Mendon Central School - International Day