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The Ultimate Collector
Fall/Winter 2002

         The New York Times

The Hat as a Tip-Off to Social Position
BERET, fez, helmet, kaffiyeh, mortarboard, sombrero, turban, yarmulke, or zucchetto: These are much more than ceremonial head coverings or fashionable finishing touches. Each tells a story about its wearer. ''Hats and Headdresses, Adornment of the Head From Around the World,'' at the Stedman Gallery of the Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts through Aug. 10, is an engaging exhibition that reveals both the commonality and the diversity of the hat-wearing world. More...

         Corpus Christie Caller-Times: AP Article

Hats Off To A Stylish Hobby
MORRISTOWN, N.J.- Stacey Miller is a mitrologist. In fact, Stacey Miller is the world's only mitrologist. She can say that because she invented the term. In plain English, Stacey Miller collects hats. Almost 300 of them. Seventy of her hats are on exhibit at the Morris Museum and will soon go on a nationwide tour. She'll miss them while they're on display but "it's not as bad as I thought," she says. More...

         Hat Life: News and Views on Headwear

Woman in Mendon NY has 900 Hats
Stacey Miller is one woman who knows the value of a hat. As a mitrologist
(a collector of and authority on hats and headdresses), she lends her hats to museums and schools to teach people about different cultures. The hat lover had this to say about hats and life. "It's a way of making a statement about who we are. Hats are really versatile teaching tools too," she said.
Miller has exotic hats from her world travels. More...

         Jacksonville State University, The Chanticleer

Anniston Museum Displays a Private Collection
of 100 Hats and Headdresses

Hats are reflective of a society's values and amount of wealth, and can even convey power and authority, according to Stacey Miller. So, what kind of hat do you have on your head? Miller is a mitrologist, a collector of and expert on hats and headdresses. Her personal collection of 100 hats and headdresses, representing over 75 countries, is currently on display at the Anniston Museum of Natural History until Jan. 12 in the Changing Exhibits Gallery. According to Miller, hats can be worn for beauty or simply for protection. More...

         Texas A&M:

Cultural Hats on Display at J. Wayne Stark Gallery
Whether it's a baseball cap to show support for a favored sports team or a comfy wool headcovering to fend off the bitter January chills, every Aggie has seen a hat of some sort on campus. Hats are an important element in many cultures, serving both practical and social purposes, said Stacy Miller, the donor of a collection of over 200 hats and headdresses on exhibit starting this week at the J. Wayne Stark Gallery. More...