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Please contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss the items for sale.
Additional headwear not pictured here may be available for sale.

Ethnic Headwear:

1. Tibetan Monk's Hat $115
Worn during rituals by monks from the Gelug or ¡°Yellow Hat¡± denomination of Tibetan Buddhism (This is a religious item, please use it with respect)

Tibetan Monk's Hat (yellow)
2. Tibetan Monk's Hat $130
Worn during rituals by Tibetan Buddhist monks from the ¡°Red Hat¡± denomination (Nyingma or Sakya) (This is a religious item, please use it with respect)

Tibetan Monk red
3. Bird & Feather Headdress West Papua, Indonesia $620
Diadem made of bark cloth, feathers and a bird attached to the front. Metal display stand included

West Papua bird
4. Quechuan Montera 1 Peru $40
Worn daily by Quechuan women in the Andes Mountains. The styles and designs of the hats vary depending on the village in which a woman lives, as well as her personal taste. The style of the montera dates back to 15thC during the Inca civilization

Venezuela Tukano tribe hat
5. Quechuan Montera 2 Peru $48

quechuan montera2
6. Quechuan Montera 3 Peru $50

quechuan montera3
7. Afghanistan Pakool $35 (plain)
Wool hat typically worn by Pashtun men in northern Afghanistan. The pakool was popularized by Ahmad Massoud, an Afghan hero who fought against the Taliban and was killed by Al Quaeda two days before 9/11
Additional colors and sizes available

Afghan beige-sm
8. Afghanistan Pakool (embroidered) $40

Additional colors and sizes available
Afghan 3-sm-wh
9. China Baby's Hat $90
Vintage, girl's hat, hand embroidered.
The embroidery is steeped with symbolism to impart auspicious qualities such as health, wealth, happiness and long life.

China Girls cap
10. China baby's hat $65
Vintage, hand embroidered.
The 5 Buddhas on the front are auspicious symbols to bring the child good fortune.

China Baby's hat
11. China child's face cap $80
Vintage baby's hat, hand embroidered.
The face was intended to scare away evil spirits and keep the infant safe.
China face cap
12. Nepal Topi $35
Hand-woven Dhaka cloth in traditional Nepalese geometric design
Different colors and designs available
Nepalese Topi
13. Amazonia (Venezuela) - Tukano tribe Headdress/Mask $445
According the American Museum of Natural History in New York, this piece is worn by the Tukano Tribe in Venezuela or Colombia. It is a bark cloth ceremonial costume made from bark cloth with a fringe of inner bark.

Venezuela Tukano tribe hat
5. Africa (Burundi) - Lega tribe $85
Woven fiber hat decorated with mussel shells and elephant hair tuft.
Burundi Lega Hat


Box of 8 Notecards and envelopes 6 x 4"
$10.00 (S/H $2.50 for 1 to 2 pieces)

4 designs:
Hats from Around the World - Straw Hats from Around the World
Skullcaps from Central Asia - African Hats.