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About The Mitrologist,

Stacey Miller is a mitrologist, a collector of and authority on the cultural significance of hats and headdresses, Stacey got her start in 1979 while driving from Spain to India. She purchased her first hat, a topi, from a vendor of skullcaps in Istanbul. The collection of over 900 pieces of headgear represents more than 95 countries and a myriad of cultures, tribes and ethnic groups from Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific region.
Learning something about a society and its traditions with each new addition, Stacey realized that hats and headdresses have significance beyond their artistic value. Not only does the variety of shapes and materials reflect human ingenuity and creativity, but knowledge of the hat itself provides insight into a culture. While hats can instill an awareness and appreciation within and across cultural boundaries, they also act as a bridge, reinforcing personal, spiritual, and social values that we as humans all share.